Who is Alexander Pouros

My name is Alexander Pouros, company director of The Spine and Sports Injury Clinic (SSi) in Thanet, Kent. My background comes from the fitness industry when I first qualified with a diploma in fitness instruction and sports therapy in 2002, allowing me to begin working in GYMs as an instructor and personal trainer. 2 years later I decided that training as an Osteopath would allow me to develop my skills and help me progress towards understanding and treating a number of musculo-skeletal complaints. With this in mind I began the 5 year degree programme and qualified as an Osteopath in 2009.

Alexander PourosOver the course of the last 12 years I have developed my understanding in a number of different areas. Initially including core stability training and nutrition and weight management during my fitness career as a personal trainer, as well as treating sports injuries and soft tissue injuries in my early career as a sports therapist.

My training in Osteopathic medicine developed my skills as a therapist and allowed me to progress a better understanding on how the body works and how it becomes injured. From this I have been able to improve my treatment practices and now treat a wide range of complaints from spinal pain and sports injuries to joint pain and repetitive strain injuries. During my training I continued to practice as a sports therapist within the Thanet area (Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Margate), under the clinic name of Alexander Pouros. It was in 2012 that Alexander Pouros became The Spine and Sports Injury Clinic (SSi).

Throughout my career I have developed in a number of roles, being pitch side for 1st Team Whitstable football club as the physical therapist, supporting the Herne Bay Race For Life event by providing sports massage and injury advice, and supporting the International Volleyball Margate Masters by providing sports massage and injury first aid and advice.

Towards the end of my 5 year Degree programme, and in the years following, I have continued to develop a range of skills including; training in electrotherapy to allow me to deliver therapeutic ultrasound, completing courses in modern acupuncture so I can provide dry needling, sports taping courses so that sports taping can be used to aid recovery and allow sports people to return to activity that bit quicker.

Since qualifying in 2009 I have continued to build on my experiences and training and pride The Spine and Sports Injury Clinic (SSi) on excellent patient care, expert diagnostic ability, and clear and detailed rehabilitation plans. Further to this, I aim to continue to build and develop the scope of the practice over the years to come.

If you have a pain complaint or injury I'm confident I can help identify the cause and find the soution. If you'd like more information or would like to schedule and appointment then please do not hesistate to contact us.

Alexander Pouors BSc (Hons)
Registered Osteopath