How to Prepare for a Video Consultation

Video Consult Pic

Video Consultations are an excellent way to support patients with their pain complaints during and beyond the current Pandemic. These appointments are a good alternative for patients who are unable or uncomfortable to attend a face-to-face appointment, and by following the advice in this article you’ll get the most out of your session.

  • Before commencing your video consultation, consider the space you’re using during the session. Where possible try to select a room where you’re less likely to experience interruptions from noise or other people.
  • If possible try to be in a space where there’s room to move about. As part of your assessment you may be asked to move the injured area. These actions wont require large amounts of space, but some freedom to move is often helpful.
  • Where possible, check that your Internet connection is stable. If you often suffer connection issues try to select a space where you’re close to the internet router. You may also find the quality of the connection is better by making sure no other devices are using the internet. Things like phones making use of YouTube or other videos, or gaming consoles performing updates, etc. can impact your connection and in some cases cause issues.
  • For best results you’ll want to make use of a device that has a camera. Things like tablets, laptops and computers work best, smart phones are also usable though the screens are smaller. Where possible use a device that you can alter the camera position. You may need to adjust the camera when you move from a seated position and are asked to perform some assessment actions. You may also need to adjust the camera position if your injury is low down such as the shin, ankle or foot.
  • Several minutes before your appointment is due click the link in your email confirmation or reminder to be taken to the online portal. You may be asked to allow access to the camera. Please select to allow this otherwise the session will be conducted with audio only. If you have any problems connecting then contact the clinic directly.

By following these steps, you will be able to achieve the maximum amount of benefit from the session. Many patients have found video consultations to be a convenient way to successfully manage and recover a range of pain and injury complaints.

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