Spinal Pain

The term spinal pain can include a number of different complaints from muscular low back, mid back or neck pain; to disc complaints and nerve pain (sometimes referred to as a trapped nerve or sciatica). As well as this, people can also suffer spinal pain and low back pain as a result of a prolapsed or bulging discs (sometimes referred to as a slipped disc), spinal arthritis, muscular injury or tension related pain.

At the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic Thanet, Kent (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) we can treat any form of musculoskeletal spinal pain, whether it be neck pain, tension headaches, mid back pain or low back pain. At SSi we use our expertise in diagnostic examination to assess your spinal pain and identify a possible cause. Following this, we will then discuss the most suitable treatment approach before commencing any therapy.

The Spine and Sports Injury Clinic Thanet, Kent (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) offers a range of treatments for various spinal pain complaints including: -

At SSi we always aim to improve how people self manage their pain by providing advice on lifestyle modification and home exercises. We also make a range of exercises easily available through our Exercise Library Page and lifestyle advice through our Lifestyle Advice Page.

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