Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are pain complaints that can occur from athletic activity, often as a result of trauma or due to over use of a particular body part. Due to this the term ‘sports injury’ encompasses a wide variety of pain complaints.

At the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic Thanet, Kent (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) we understand the importance of keeping sports people active during their rehabilitation. Because of this, we always aim to modify exercise to allow continued activity whilst avoiding over loading the injured area, there by allowing it to continue to recover. By working with the individual to modify their exercise routines, and by guiding them through rehabilitation exercise, we are able to minimise fitness loss and return them back to their sport as quickly as possible.

Further more, should you have a sporting event you are aiming to be ready for (such as a marathon), we will target your recovery to try and allow you to participate in your planned event. Where full recovery is not possible in time we will provide honest advice on the possible consequences of participating and, where possible, provide advice to limit the potential for further injury.

When you arrive at the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic Thanet, Kent (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) we will take a detailed medical history before recording an in-depth account of your sports injury and how the pain came about. Following this, an assessment is carried out involving thorough orthopaedic testing to help identify not only the source of the complaint but also other possible contributing factors. Once a source and cause have been identified a detailed rehabilitation plan is explained, combining a mixture or treatment modalities to suit your complaint:

At SSi we always aim to improve how people self manage their pain by providing advice on lifestyle modification and home exercises. We also make a range of exercises easily available through our Exercise Library Page and lifestyle advice through our Lifestyle Advice Page. We also provide a biomechanical assessment service that aims to help identify areas of potential injury. From this we can develop exercise plans that aim to limit the potential for injury within your chosen sport.

Should you have any questions on the information provided here, or if you would like to arrange an appointment then contact us for more information.

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