Manipulative Therapy

At SSi we are able to use a wide range of different treatment methods, manipulative therapy is just one of the ‘tools’ we can use to help people recover from the pain they are suffering.

This technique is carried out by an Osteopath who has completed a 5 year BSc Hons. Degree programme and is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). These techniques deliver a sharp movement to a joint and are very effective at restoring mobility to a restricted area.

People have mixed feelings about receiving these techniques; some are very keen to have them performed feeling a rapid improvement in their pain, others feel uncomfortable with how strong the technique can feel.

At SSi we consult with the patient before carrying out any treatment method, and should you wish not to receive manipulative therapy where we have suggested it may be of benefit, then we will utilise an alternative technique that is more suitable to your preference.