Exercise Library

Our exercise library has a wide range of exercise sheets to help prevention of and recovery from a wide range of injuries and pain complaints.

At the Spine and Sports Injury Clinic we promote exercise and activity as part of peoples recovery. This allows patients to improve their management of any pain complaint and reduce the need for lengthy treatment courses.

Before starting new exercises please ensure that they are suitable for you and your pain complaint. At SSi we always advise people be shown the exercises to ensure suitability and correct form.

Contact us to check that the exercises are suitable for your needs and that you can perform them correctly before starting.

Please be advised incorrect technique when performing exercises can lead to injury.

Head & Neck

Neck Mobility

Neck Stretching

Tension Headaches 



Rotator Cuff Strength


Elbow, Hand & Wrist

Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow 


Torso (Back & Core)

Low Back Mobility (Full List)

Low Back Mobility (Brief)

Low Back and Sciatic Nerve Mobility

Seated Mobility



Hip Strength (General)



Knee Strength (General)


Ankle & Foot

Ankle Strength